Details on Education Legislation Passed in 2016

Four education-related bills and resolutions passed the legislature this session:

  • HB 27 - DHSS Duties; CINA; Foster Care; Adoption
  • HB 156 - School Accountability Measures; Federal Law
  • SB 200 - Mandatory Physical Activity in School
  • SCR 1 - Civics Education Task Force

Click here for details on this legislation


Legislation To Close Schools With Fewer Than 25 Students?

Rep. Gattis has been in the news lately saying she plans to introduce legislation to close schools with fewer than 25 students, an issue that Sen. Dunleavy brought up last session. So I went down to the Capitol Building Tuesday and talked to a few legislators, and I think I've got the skinny on whether or not the legislature will pass legislation to close schools with fewer than 25 students. I talked to Sens. Stedman and Bishop, and Reps. Nagiak and Talerico, all majority members. 


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